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New Journeys

Psychosis is treatable! Research indicates with early intervention the long term trajectory of illness such as schizophrenia can be significantly altered in a positive way with effective treatments as used in New Journeys!

New Journeys seeks to identify people who have experienced their first psychotic episode as early as possible and direct them to services that specifically address their own individual needs. New Journeys seeks to establish a trusting relationship with individuals and their families by helping to process the trauma of first episode psychosis and identify each individuals' own path to recovery.

The goal of New Journeys is to help people experiencing first episode psychosis get back on track with their life and achieve optimal role functioning at home, school, work, as well as with social and leisure adjustment. The individual experiencing symptoms can define what goals are important to them and receive support to accomplish these goals. Treatment can involve multiple contacts per week with the client and their families and can occur in their home or in the community. Treatment and support can last up to two years.

Who do we serve?

  • Ages 15-25 can go as high as 30
  • Resides in Thurston or Mason County
  • Person has an IQ of 70 or above
  • Person has not received treatment for psychotic illness prior to the last 12 months
  • Primary cause of psychotic symptoms is not known to be caused by the temporary effects of substance intoxication, major depression or other known medical condition.

What do we offer?

Services are available without regard for ability to pay and can include:

  • Screening, assessment and referral
  • Psychiatric Services and medication management
  • Family Education and Support Services
  • Individual Resiliency Training / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Educational and Vocational Support
  • Case Management
Who do I contact?

Inquiries for more information or you can make a referral by-

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